Ich mach so lange weiter bis (solange der Vorrat reicht)

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Hab noch einige Texte, die ich noch nich veröffentlicht hab, zumindest nicht außerhalb universitärer Einrichtungen. Heute: der fünfte Teil der Kurzgeschichte “Alternate”.

„She hung up. Some minutes passed before I could escape the numbness this telephone call put me into. My eyes wandered along the wall. The clock signalled that it was time to get going. Mount Street. I did not even need to take the tram to get there. This seemed a risky business to do these days anyway. I put on my clothes and put my keys into my jacket. Did I really need them where I was going? It could easily be a trap. The almighty, mysterious organisation does not need any witnesses, no loose ends to remain. I did not care. Out on the street I noticed two things. 1. It had begun to rain. 2. There was a hobo standing directly in front of the hotel door. I could easily ignore the first circumstance since a little rain would probably free my spirit off John Barleycorns hands. The second thing I could not ignore. The hobo just did not do anything except holding a sign cut from a cardboard which said “The end is nihg”. I guess I have to apologize for calling him a hobo since he obviously was a storied prophet from ancient times, a prophet with dyslexia. That was not the reason for which I could not ignore him though. He was staring at me with his eyes wide open. Eyes which would eat me alive, if I did not escape them. I made some quick steps and crossed the street. After some time I looked backwards. I still could see him. He was looking in my direction.

When I arrived at the butcher my clothes were soaking wet. I was not really an umbrella guy. I entered through the glass door. “We used to buy meat here when I was a boy,” I thought to myself while sliding with my hand through the various layers of dust on the vitreous counter. The shop had been closed for about 5 years now. Family business, simpler times. The last owner, a friendly Italian, had no kids and with his death it met the same fate I guess. My watch bleeped two times. 7 pm. None of the pedestrians on the street bothered to enter the abandoned shop. Only now I noticed that there was a second door in the back of the store. A rather long, narrow hallway spread out in front of my feet when I opened it. The other doors which appeared left and right as I walked by did not interest me. My feet’s destination seemed to be the cooling chamber stationed at the very end of the path. The metal door gave in with a clunk sound. I looked inside as if I expected to find the meaning of life behind it. There was nothing but a huge empty room. A big disappointment, yet again. I wanted to leave but the next minute I heard something. There was a noise coming from one of the walls. I approached the same wall and put my right ear against it.“

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