Ich lieg euch in den Ohren wie Watte-Tips (solange der Vorrat reicht)

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Hab noch einige Texte, die ich noch nich veröffentlicht hab, zumindest nicht außerhalb universitärer Einrichtungen. Heute: der fünfte Teil der Kurzgeschichte “Propaganda Poster”.

„I always tell the truth even if I lie there is information I have to hold back I have to edit to cut a little bit here and there, disinformation NO! adjustments inevitable adjustments in the war if that is what the country needs why not provide that service I need them as they need me people can’t handle everything I guide them the light illuminating the path to victory through the valley of darkness the star of the British Empire they don’t have to bring their own frankincense and myrrh just their lives too much to ask to give labour and blood for their home? pathetic even the brutes refuse disobedience ah another traveller braves the weather God throws at us acting suspicious but who am I to judge everyone is welcome as long as they want to hear the truth truth I give you sir times of war we have to stick together we are on the same team same boat here together we what are you doing what a disgrace traitor get him get him speechless gone coward daubing me with paint mocking our country spitting in the face of every proud countryman liberals how I hate them from the bottom of my non-existing heart surrender just go home and surrender sit in your easy chair and sip at imported Made in Germany then go out protest against freedom democracy justice sabotage our mission give yourself a pat on the back good night sleep well that’s how they work disgusting those war poets destroying everything that I we build what do they know what is best for the country how can they judge they are war heroes? they cannot be it doesn’t fit brainwashed they are that they don’t see the truth minds occupied by germanic ideas another strategy to weaken us did you know they use fat from human corpses to make soap candles And don’t forget that your Kaiser will find a use for you—alive or dead animals this what they are atrocious but they won’t break us maybe the Belgians or the French but the Empire no our past prove everything leading the world to a new age a better age we will we will give our teeth for the victory not our fat nobody will ever crush us we’ve been there centuries we will be there for even longer we won’t end up as a candle on a kitchen table not as soap on a dirty german but I guess the liberals want that would feel really well rubbing against the shoulders of a brute being his servants denying their roots their nature as masters call it white man’s burden it’s in our blood they seem not to understand we need more posters like me every street must be flooded with truth enablers simple catchy slogans we friend you enemy repeat repeat repeat so they get it illustrate occupy their minds with the right ideas ideals it’s that simple if I only could do more just dangling from this wall depend on weather and liberal attacks and bad publicity help this war march in streets do what I want others to do that noise what is that noise air raid now they’re running scared panicking through the streets no mercy I have what have they done for the war nothing! now they run about like headless chicken serves them right give nothing receive nothing eyes moving as fast as their legs in all directions crowds busy as ants trying to get to the safe home safe like there is something safe we’re at war deal with it everybody has to contribute to face the barrel with pride be strong in contemplation of war not crawl into a corner shut your eyes to your problems bury your head in the sand liberal only a drill she says rumours an exercise in case of fire why not that’s brilliant mobilize the masses show them what is going to happen when they don’t act stuck in their helplessness how they would feel like when a zeppelin casted a cloud over Britain that’s hundred times better than what I could achieve with my glyphs and letters creative and effective how do you like that liberal a real attack you’ve seen it?“

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