We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when (solange der Vorrat reicht)

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Hab noch einige Texte, die ich noch nich veröffentlicht hab, zumindest nicht außerhalb universitärer Einrichtungen. Heute: der sechste und letzte Teil der Kurzgeschichte “Propaganda Poster”.

„didn’t I met you before you were the one who needed new glasses government wouldn’t cover up a real attack they would use it to convince more people to join us that’s just dumb you’re dumb dumb dumb dumb he can’t hear me these people they would use any ridiculous accusation to discredit us you’re not spreading ideas you’re doing propaganda you spread hatred misinformation cants lies dishonest traitor they call me traitor always nagging always not doing the right thing I am medicine an antidote to propaganda I am the truth the only real thing in a war we could lose only because of you because of traitors like you don’t want to bite the bullet swallow the bitter pill disgraceful how can you look at yourself in the mirror how in the eyes of your wife and children? I know they’re coming for me their steps in the streets my message will be heard anyway they can’t harm us all they can tear us apart the ideas will live on Push Push I can’t can’t get off this damn wall we will win anyway my death will only raise a storm spark the fire of a thousand voices don’t mourn for me don’t wear no black should have been a poet they’re here I’m afraid stop will you stop will you stop my mind is going I can feel it Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling N –[o].“

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